During this time there are, of course, a lot of questions out there!  Below are some of the more common ones we are being asked.  As new information becomes available, we will update the answers as necessary.


Q. What has been cancelled at St. Mary?

A. Unfortunately, all public Masses, as well as all meetings, events, classes, and other parish functions have been canceled until further notice.


Q. What about the Mass intentions already scheduled?

A. Fr. Max, Fr. Jerome, and Fr. Pluth are offering all Masses as scheduled, which means that all of the regularly scheduled Mass intentions are being offered as usual.


Q. Is the sacrament of confession available?

A. Yes!  Confessions are still being heard at the regularly scheduled times on Wednesday mornings at 11:00, and on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  There are also expanded and additional times for the remainder of Lent.  See our on-line bulletin for those times.


Q. Is the Church or Adoration Chapel open for prayer?

A. The church is open every day from 8:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., and you will find a number of prayer resources in the narthex for your use.  Of course, you are asked to maintain the recommended 6-foot distancing while in the narthex and church with anyone who is not from your household.  Effective March 25th the Adoration Chapel is closed until further notice.


Q. What kind of sanitizing steps are being taken by the parish?

A. Every day all of the bathrooms and door-handles are sanitized, along with the seating area in the Adoration Chapel.  The pews in the church are sanitized 3 times a week.  There is also hand-sanitizer available for your use both in the narthex of the church and in the chapel.  And we ask that you maintain the recommended 6-foot distancing while here at St. Mary.

Finally, if you or anyone in your household is feeling ill, we ask that you please stay home.


Q. Is the parish office open?

A. The parish office is currently closed to the public.  But we are checking the parish voice-mail (847-669-3137), email (stmaryhuntley.org), and postal mail daily, and will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Individual staff members are also keeping up to date with their own personal email and voice-mails, and they will contact you once they are able to return to work.


Q. Are the First Communion Masses cancelled?

A. Not at this time.  For now, they are still on the calendar as scheduled.  Of course, that could change depending on further instruction from the State and from the Diocese.  We will be in direct contact with the First Communion families through our Religious Education office regarding any date or procedural changes for those Masses.


Q. Are the Confirmation Masses cancelled?

A. As of March 18th, Bishop Malloy has postponed Confirmation Masses.  But given that our Masses are not until April 26th, we don’t know if we will be impacted by that postponement or not.  It is possible, however, that we will need to reschedule Confirmation.  As soon as we know one way or another, we will contact our Confirmation families directly through our Youth Ministry office.


Q. What about weddings and funerals?

A. Weddings and funeral Masses may still take place, but are restricted to no more than ten people in attendance.  The same is true for all grave-side services in our parish cemetery.  For funerals, simply contact the funeral home of your choice, and they will contact our parish office to set up a date and time.  If you are concerned about the date of your wedding and would like to change it to a later date, please contact our Pastor, Fr. Max.


Q. Can a priest still come to visit someone who is seriously ill or dying?

A. Absolutely!  Our priests can still administer the Last Rites to anyone in need, whether in their own home, the hospital, or a nursing facility.  Please call the parish office at any time to arrange a visit; and one of our priests will come over as soon as absolutely possible.