marriageThe marriage building ministry supports marriage and family through a wide variety of programs and activities. The ministry is divided into blocks that concentrate on specific aspects of married life. If you would like to get involved in this ministry, please contact Dave and Ann Marcheschi at (630) 337-6203.

Description of Marriage Building Blocks

Building Leadership

Leading the Marriage Building ministry to help organize and assist all the other building blocks.

Forming Youth and Young Adults

Working with the parish to provide programs and effective catechesis that help youth and young adults discuss, understand, and defend the unique meaning of marriage in the face of contemporary challenges.

Preparing for Sacramental Marriage

This block is involved with all the important efforts to prepare the engaged for Sacramental Marriage or Remarriage. Also, this block assists those married outside the church to understand what Sacramental Marriage means and the possibility of having their marriages become a sacrament.

Creating a Culture of Life

This block affirms the gift of children, the vocation of parenthood, and helps build a Culture of Life in the parish as it supports parents and families in their role as a domestic church.

Strengthening the Married

Helping couples renew their commitment and provide enrichment to help them grow in the virtues and skills needed for a healthy and holy marriage.

Pastoral Care

Help couples who are struggling in any way, including bereavement support for widows and widowers, and parents with the loss of a child through miscarriage or death. In addition, this block supports couples who are struggling with recovery and reconciliation; external forces such as job loss, infertility, illness, and internal issues like communication difficulties, pornography, or addictions.

Divorce Healing

Assistance with annulment and divorce support, the support of the entire family and a reassurance that they do not consider themselves separated from the Church.

Worship and Prayer

Celebrating the vocation of marriage in worship and community life

Some of the upcoming events hosted by the Marriage Building Ministry

Living in Love  - Two day parish based retreat for married couples

Six Catholic Dates – Six “Dates” designed to strengthen marriages

Catholic Divorce Survival Guide – Find hope and healing after a divorce

Couples Prayer – Learning to pray together


Helpful resources in support of marriage

For Your Marriage – US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Worldwide Marriage Encounter or


Engaged Encounter

Office of Family Life – Diocese of Rockford