Parking Lot Update!


The Kreutzer Road entrance is now open, and will be open  for  the  entire  weekend …however, it has not yet been paved. So, even though the gravel is now firm enough to drive on, please drive slowly and with extra care if using that entrance, and be cautious when driving over the transitions from the gravel up onto the asphalt.


As always, please do not park in the aisles. Those are fire-lanes, and must be kept open at all times. (There is still a small section between the church and Phase 2 that is blocked off, but there are pedestrian crossings open which you can use. Look for the signs.)


Pray that the warmer and drier weather predicted for this coming week comes to fruition, so we can finally pave the entrance! And thank you for your patience and understanding, and for your prayers for the safety of the workers.


P.S. The worker who was injured on a different job last Saturday is recovering, but may have a long road in front of him. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.