We are the youth ministry of St. Mary Catholic Church in Huntley, IL. Our mission is to proclaim the life-changing love of God in a way which is accessible and helps lead young people to a deep, lasting relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ and His Church.


Below you will find images which are links to all of the various programs and events we have happening here at St. Mary’s for our young people in grades 6-12. Click any link to find schedules and more detailed information in order to get involved here at St. Mary’s!


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Resources, Websites and Links

Lifeteen – A website for Catholic youth. 

Lifeteen has books, Bibles, shirts and more for you to buy, as well as tons of blogs, videos and other resources to help you in your faith. Check it out!

Ascension Presents

This site has videos from people like Fr. Mike Schmitz explaining different aspects of the faith, along with cool interviews and more. Check it out!

Paradigm Clothing and Likeable Art

These are two great places with shirts, posters, videos, graphics, and a whole bunch more to help you in your faith (and it’s all really cool).

Steubenville Conference Page and Steubenville Fuel

The conference page has promo videos and information about this year’s conference as well as videos of the talks from last year all the time. The Steubenville Fuel page are other videos, blogs, etc. that they put up to help you in your faith!

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Carpe Verbum.


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Jason Theobald

Director of Youth Ministry

Maggie Overbeck

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry


Patti Kuffner

Youth Ministry Secretary      |      (847) 669-5612      |      10307 Dundee Rd. Huntley, IL 60142