In accordance with CDC guidelines and directives from both the state and the Bishop’s Office, all parish meetings and programs have been temporarily suspended, including confirmation prep sessions. If we are unable to meet in person come this fall, then we will have online sessions available. Pre-recorded videos will be sent out with an accompanying discussion sheet for sponsors and teens to walk through together.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. Know that we are praying for you and your family. If you have any questions, please email Melissa Garduno, Coordinator of High School Ministry, at


To proclaim the life-changing love of God in a way that is accessible and helps lead young people to a deep, lasting relationship with the person of Jesus Christ and His Church. Confirmation preparation is a year of formation and a time of encounter with Jesus Christ.

What Is Confirmation?

“The sacrament of Confirmation is the sacrament in the Catholic Church by which “the baptized are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1285).

Here at St. Mary, Confirmation prep is a one year program for those who are in 9th Grade or above. Registration will open on July 15, 2020. Please check back then for that information. 

Parent Meeting

We want to start the year out right and make sure everybody is on the same page regarding this key event in your teen’s life. We will meet to give you an overview, dates, and expectations.  If we are unable to meet in person, we will offer an online option. Regardless, at least one parent from each family must attend one of the two meeting options. The same information will be covered at both:


We look forward to meeting you!

Confirmation Kick-Off 

Students will Kick-Off the year with a retreat day. There are two dates from which to choose. Teens must attend one, not both, of these days in order to begin confirmation prep this year. Again, we will offer online options depending on guidelines and directives. 

 Confirmation Kick-Off options are

Kick-Off Theme

In His Image. Remember who you are. There is one identity you don’t have to earn and cannot be taken away. This theme explores our inclination to identify ourselves by what we do rather than who we are as God’s sons and daughters.

Both of these retreat days will be hosted by retreat teams from NET Ministries. For more information on Net Ministries, you can visit their website at


Each day is limited to 125 teens. Keep in mind, we typically have about 225 teens in confirmation prep each year, so the first choice of retreat will be given in order of online registration for confirmation prep. 

Due to the limited capacity of these retreat days, a sponsor (or parent) does not need to attend with the teen. However, we welcome adult volunteers. If you are interested and able to volunteer, please contact Melissa at


***Registration and lunch will be discussed as social distancing regulations are clarified*** 

Confirmation Prep Sessions

(2020-2021 School Year)

*Please note*

If completing confirmation prep online, dates and options are subject to change. We will give you up to date information as we learn more. 


With the exception of the kick-off, sponsors must attend every session with the teen in preparation. If the sponsor cannot attend, a parent may attend in their place.

If completing confirmation prep online, then sponsors will participate in the online forum as well.

You have options!

Sessions are offered on a Sunday afternoon and a Monday evening; Sunday from 3-4:30 PM, and Monday from 6:30-8 PM. Choose one or the other of these sessions together with a sponsor (parents may attend in the sponsor’s place). 



We will work with you to make up a missed session if family emergencies or other completely unavoidable events arise. However, if a student misses more than one confirmation prep session, then he or she will be asked to wait until the following year to finish Confirmation Prep.


All dates are subject to change. If this happens, we will communicate this as early as we can. During the winter months, if the Huntley School District cancels school, we will cancel our events, as well. These will be made up as soon as we can. 

 Again, sessions may be in person or online depending on the state and diocesan directives.



Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin online July 15, 2020. Check back here on July 15th to register.


Two forms must be completed for the administration of the Sacrament. These forms need to be filled about by each teen on-line. Baptismal certificates must also be submitted. 

Form 1: Confirmation Sponsor (due October 1, 2020)

  • Each person who will be confirmed in the Catholic Church chooses a sponsor for confirmation. This sponsor must be:
    • At least 16 years old
    • Confirmed in the Catholic Church
    •  A practicing Catholic (practicing means he or she is a member of the parish, attend Mass on Sundays, and has an active faith) who is a good example to you of what it means to be a follower of Christ and someone who will challenge you to follow Him in your own life
    • He or she cannot be a parent of the student, but may be (and is encouraged to be) the baptismal Godparent
  • Pray about your sponsor and ask your parents who you think would be an encouraging leader of faith for you.

When you are ready, click here to fill out the Sponsor Form.

Form 2: Confirmation Saint Form (due December 1, 2020)

  • Each student chooses the name of a saint in the Catholic Church to have as his or her patron saint in confirmation
  • This is someone who you ask to pray for you, and whose example you imitate
  • Really take some time to pray about which saint’s name you would like to choose! If you need help finding a saint, feel free to contact our office!

When you are ready, click here to fill out the Saint Form.

Baptismal Certificate (due January 15, 2021)

Each candidate must provide a copy of his/her Baptismal Certificate to the Confirmation Ministry Office before January 15th, 2021. If your student was baptized at St. Mary Church, it is not necessary to provide a copy of the Baptismal Certificate, only the date of the Baptism (you will be able to provide this information with registration). If you are having trouble finding the baptismal certificate, please call us and let us know.

If your student was not baptized here at St. Mary a certificate may be obtained by calling the church where your child was baptized and asking for a copy of the certificate. If you wish and the baptismal church allows it, the certificate can be mailed directly from the church of baptism to St. Mary Church.

Students who were baptized in a country other than the United States of America should start the process of obtaining a certificate now.

If you have difficulty obtaining a new certificate, please contact Melissa in the Youth Ministry Office at (847) 669-5612, and we will do our best to assist you in finding this.Confirmation Rehearsal is mandatory and will take place within 1-2 weeks of the date of Confirmation. You can see the details for the Confirmation Mass and rehearsal at

Maggie Super

Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Melissa Garduno

Coordinator of High School Ministry      |      (847) 669-5612      |      10307 Dundee Rd. Huntley, IL 60142