The Catholic Faith On Demand:!

Imagine our Parish…

…encountering the Catholic faith not just on Sunday, but all throughout the week.Symbolon Pictures


St. Mary has a subscription to to offer to each parishioner!


Every FORMED Parish Receives…

  • Unlimited Access to the best eBooks, talks, and videos in the Church today
  • Access through the website or App
  • Access to this revolutionary online platform right at your fingertips!


Every Parishioner Has Access…

With the FORMED digital platform to all of the many studies, eBooks, movies, and so much more. 


FORMED Is Great For…

  • Men’s and Women’s groups

  • Bible Studies

  • Adult Catechesis

  • RCIA

  • Spouses Learning the Faith

  • Parents Teaching Their Children

  • Small Faith Communities

  • Individual Faith Formation


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Parishioners, enter code f157d9