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St Mary’s is hosting That Man is You! which is an interactive, multimedia men’s leadership program focused on the development of men in the modern world. It combines the best research from science with the teachings of the Catholic faith and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of authentic men capable of transforming themselves, their families and greater society.

The program is divided into two 13 week sessions. The Fall session emphasizes the development of the Scriptural vision of man, especially in his relationship to his family and society while the Spring session emphasizes the practical means of becoming that man.

That Man is You! is successful at attracting large numbers of men of all ages, including younger men still actively parenting, and then transforming their spiritual lives. Indeed, independent research from a Faith Advisor to The Gallup Poll reveals That Man is You! to be one of the most life transforming programs ever studied.

To register for an upcoming 13 week session, enter your information on-line via their registration form. To learn more, check out the TMIY 2 minute video, or email the TMIY team.