A few years ago, we entered into a sister parish relationship with St. Louis, Roi de France parish in Leger-Matheux, Haiti through the Parish Twinning Program of America.  Shortly afterwards, Haiti suffered a severe earthquake and St. Louis’ church building, which also served as their school, was destroyed.  Your past generosity has provided the funds for:

  • The construction of the church, rectory, school, and community center.
  • Solar power to provide electricity to the parish compound.
  • The operation of the school through our Sponsor a Student program.
  • Many basic needs through our annual Sea Container Drive.
  • Sponsoring college students. (In turn, these students have agreed to work in the community for a minimum of two years after graduation).

Numerous other initiatives are ongoing to give the people of Leger hope for the future.  We are fortunate to have Fr. Emile’s leadership and ability to do much with little. While much has been accomplished, again there is still much we can do.
Alleviating poverty and improving lives in our sister parish will require expanded educational opportunities, improved infrastructure, micro-business development, and improved agricultural production.

There are many ways to be involved in the Haitian Ministry.

Every year

  • We send supplies to St. Louis Parish in a sea container.
  • We have a “Sponsor a Student” Drive to provide tuition support, uniforms, teacher training and salaries, school supplies and one meal a day for each student in the school.
  • We put together “birthing kits” consisting of 2 flannel blankets, 2 six inch pieces of string, a single-edged razor blade, latex gloves, a small bar of soap and a 36″ x 36″ piece of clear plastic sheeting all inside of a gallon size ziploc bag.  These kits are distributed to midwives in the area.

For more information, please contact Jeannie at (630) 344-1200.