mass request2Masses may be requested in person here at the parish office, or by mail or by an envelope in the collection basket marked “Mass Intention.”  We do not accept Mass requests by phone or email.  Please note that we cannot promise to have the Mass date and time you are requesting, but we will do our best to schedule a Mass as close as possible to the requested date.  The usual stipend is  $10.00 for each Mass.

Because of the large number of Mass requests and the fact that we have more than 6,000 registered families here at St. Mary’s, all families will be limited to 4 Masses said here at the parish during a calendar year; one of those Masses can be on a Saturday evening or on a Sunday, or Holy Day of Obligation; the remaining three Masses will be scheduled on weekdays.  All additional Mass requests will be sent to retired priests in the diocese, so the Masses will still be celebrated, but we will not know when or which priest is celebrating the Mass.  If you have any questions, please contact Maria in the parish office at (847) 669-3137, ext. 100.