This summer, we are going to spend time once again seeking the Lord together in community; we’ll make time for fun, for prayer, for community, for service, and for so much more. Click the images below for our big events, and scroll down for everything else happening! This page will give information about events for teens, kids, and families throughout the summer. Keep checking the website, bulletin, and listening at Mass for all other things happening!






 “Far from being timid, morose, acerbic or melancholy, or putting on a dreary face, the saints are joyful and full of good humour. Though completely realistic, they radiate a positive and hopeful spirit. The Christian life is ‘joy in the Holy Spirit’ (Rom 14:17), for ‘the necessary result of the love of charity is joy; since every lover rejoices at being united to the beloved… the effect of charity is joy.’” -Pope Francis

Summer Calendar

Below is a full schedule of the summer!

For a printable version of the youth ministry events below, click here.


20-22 Steubenville Youth Conference

24 Youth Ministry Morning Mass and Donuts (8:00-10:00am)

29 Parish Picnic (1:00-4:00pm) *Starts after the noon Mass*

Click here to sign up to volunteer at the Parish Picnic!


1 Youth Ministry Morning Mass and Donuts (8:00-10:00am)

2 Jr. High Water Night (6:30-8:00pm)

7 Steubenville Reunion (6:30-8:00pm)

9 Family Outdoor Movie Night (7:30pm)

12 Youth Ministry End of Summer Party (6:30-8:00pm)