What does being pro-life mean to YOU?!


Here is your chance to win a scholarship to the St. Mary Youth Ministry trip of your choice! We know that so many of you are passionate about being pro-life, and so the Respect Life Group here at St. Mary’s wants to hear what matters to you. This is going to be a contest where you have a chance to submit a video or essay answering the question “What does being pro-life mean to me?”! Winners will be selected from both the middle school age group and from high schoolers. With the option of an essay or video, there may be two winners from each group.

Submissions will be judged on creativity and content by members of the Respect Life and Teen Ministries. Essays should be a maximum of one page double spaced and videos a maximum of one minute. Hurry, contest ends November 1, All Saints Day; deadline has been extended until November 15! Once the winners are chosen, they will be able to choose from any of this year’s youth ministry retreats or events to receive a scholarship to – including the Lock-In, Youth Summit, Winter Retreat, Summer Camp, and Steubenville!

Start preparing your content, and click the link below to upload your essay or video via Google Drive!


Upload your file here!

Click the link above to share your essay or video on Google Drive. You will need to be logged in to a google account in order to do that; they are free if you would like to sign up for one. If you do not have one, you can always email your essay or video as an attachment to jason.stmaryhuntley@gmail.com!