Totus Tuus is a week long summer camp held at our parish which demonstrates that one can be a faithful Catholic and still have fun. Morning “pump up“ sessions , silly skits and songs, snacks, recess, water fights and so much more infuse the element of fun into this program. The youth learn about God’s love for them and the beauty of our Catholic faith!



JULY 8-13, 2018


 Totus Tuus is broken down into two groups – during the day Monday – Friday is for those in Grades 1-6, and in the evening Sunday – Thursday for those in Grades 7-12. See below for information on each of these groups and to register your child(ren) for this summer! Jr. High and High School students who will be attending the evening session are also encouraged to volunteer during the day, and parents and other adults are asked to volunteer in various roles, as well; see below for volunteer information!



1st – 6th Grades

July 9th-13th from 9:00am-2:15pm at St. Mary’s Church

Cost: $25/child

What to Bring:

  • Please send your child with a sack lunch clearly marked with her or her name each day.

Check-In and pick-up:

  • When you drop your child(ren) off please go to the Parish Ministry Center Doors and sign them in each day.
  • Lunches go on the designated table for each grade.
  • Students go to the Parish Hall where the Totus Tuus Team will welcome them.
  • Pick your students up at the Parish Ministry Center Doors each day.

Daily Mass:

  • We will go to Mass each day, and parents are invited to join us at 11:00AM each day in the Church for Mass.

Water Fight:

  • On Friday, there is a water fight at the end of the day!
  • Kids may participate in this wearing their regular cloths or a swimsuit.
  • Their swimsuit, if they desire to wear one, must be worn under their clothes; there is no time to change!
  • There will be small bins of water for kids to fill up their water toys in. Kids can bring a small pail or water gun to use for this water fight.
  • You will be picking up your students directly after the water fight, so please be sure to bring extra towels for the ride home.
  • We recommend that you label anything and everything your student will bring that day: towel, water toys, etc.

7th-12th Grades

July 8th-12th from 7:00-9:15pm at St. Mary’s Church

Cost: $10/student

What to Bring:

  • You don’t need to bring anything!
  • See below for what to bring for Thursday night’s shaving cream fight.


  • When you arrive at the Parish Ministry Center entrance, students sign-in at the check-in sheet.
  • Parents do not need to sign them in, you can just drop your students off

Shaving Cream Fight:

  • On Thursday night, there will be a shaving cream fight!
  • Send each of your children with a can of white foam shaving cream. No gel.
  • Please make sure that all clothing is appropriate and can get dirty.
  • Students will be dismissed directly after this fight; please send them with towels, be prepared to drive them home like that.



During the week of Totus Tuus, on Wednesday night, July 11th, all families will be invited to join us in the Parish Hall for a potluck dinner! This will allow us all to come together in community, the families to meet the Totus Tuus teachers, and for a fun night here at the Parish. This will take place at 5:15pm on Wednesday night, and all families are asked to bring a dish to pass!


All money can be paid directly through our new registration system as you register. If you prefer to pay in person via cash or check or need to discuss a payment plan or scholarship for your child(ren), please contact the Youth Ministry Office! T-shirts will also be for sale each day when the parents are dropping off or picking up your students! This is separate from the registration cost, but many of the students like to have a shirt to commemorate the week!


Registration will be online and available at the link above at 9:00am on May 1.

Registration will close when we hit capacity for the week, and we will work on a first come, first serve basis, so don’t wait! In past years, Totus Tuus has filled up, so please let us know immediately if you register but are no longer able to come. Payment is necessary to finalize your registration for Totus Tuus.

Totus Tuus Circle


We will need need lots of great volunteers in order to make this year’s Totus Tuus a successful week for our kids and our teenagers. There are various areas of need for volunteers that involve making food for the Totus Tuus team, housing the Totus Tuus team, and for help at the actual days and evenings of Totus Tuus. We also can always use junior high and high school students to come during the day and help out with the programming and various parts of the morning sessions. And so, we thank you for your interest in helping. Please see below for specific needs and to let us know what you can help with!

We will need help with the following for our Totus Tuus Team:

  • People to house the Totus Tuus team members (you would have 2 or more of one specific gender at your house from Saturday, July 7th until Friday, July 13th)
  • Someone to provide lunch for the Totus Tuus team (8 young adults) here at St. Mary’s each day at 12pm – can be ordered, homemade, etc., doesn’t need to be fancy. We usually have a different person each time, Sunday – Friday, to help.
  • We also need someone to have the Totus Tuus team (8 young adults) over for dinner at 5:15pm each evening. We usually have a different person each night, Sunday – Thursday, have the team over at their house.

We will need help with the following for our morning programming:

  • Morning Check-In volunteers each day and adults to help with snack time in the morning
  • Lunchtime volunteers (12-1pm) each day to help the kids with lunch, recess, etc.
  • Hall monitors each day (stay the entire session, 9am-2:15pm)

We will need help with the following for our evening programming:

  • Hall monitors each day (stay the entire time, 7-9:15pm)

We will need 7th-12th Graders to do the following:

  • Come each morning, Monday – Friday, from 9am-2:15pm
  • These teens help with snack, or with classrooms, and with whatever else the team needs!

Volunteer Registration.

Click the link above to fill out a short form and volunteer!


The youth ministry office is very excited to be offering Totus Tuus to the parish this summer! If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are generally around for events on Sundays, and in the office from about 9am-5pm Monday through Thursday.

Maggie Overbeck
Director of Youth Ministry
Patti Kuffner
Youth Ministry Secretary
(847) 669-5612